• Image of Oil of Saint Cyprian - 2 Dram Bottle
  • Image of Oil of Saint Cyprian - 2 Dram Bottle

I crafted this oil for 18 days, the nine leading up to the Feast of Saint Cyprian of Antioch and nine days following. Each day of his Novena, I prayed his litany over the oil and asked for his blessing to create a powerful concoction; to strengthen the user's magical powers, to break hexes/curses, and to drive away evil spirits.

I've found that this oil is best used as part of a ritual, or at least with an intention in mind. It's quite powerful and I put some on and took it for a test drive the day it finished "cooking," and was treated to a *very* intense day, drawing all sorts of strange energy into my orbit – weird interactions with strangers aplenty, as well as awkward arguments and scuffles.

Licorice root
Bay leaf
Essential Oil of Cedar
Essential Oil of Myrrh
Olive oil

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Obligatory legal stuff:
I believe in magic, it has and continues to work for me in my life. I can't make any promises that anything will work the same for you, because that's not how magic works. Don't sue me if you don't become a Gandalf overnight.

My products are manufactured using the same exacting methods and proven formulas, developed by practicing occultists for centuries, assuring your complete satisfaction. As with any spiritual product however the most important ingredient is the faith and confidence of the user. If you place your full faith and belief in these products I'm confident you will be pleased with the results of your spiritual journey. I welcome any feedback you may have regarding my products.